crowdfunding campaign started today

The crowdfunding campaign for the documentary “One Map for Two”  started today.

Crowdfunding is a process of funding from people by which the audience can “invest” their own resources on the projects they choose, directly through online platforms dedicated.

Last year, for the previous project “Subbuteopia” POPCult has collected 15,750 Euros.

From today, the same formula as a year ago: 40 days this time to collect 10,000 Euros, if they don’t  reach their goal in 40 days, production will not receive any support. This is the link to support the project

What is crowdfunding?
The public has the opportunity to choose and support projects that likes and the authors have the opportunity to get in direct contact with their audience.

How does it work?
There are at least 40 days to make payments and reach a sum of 10,000 Euros. If they do not do it in time they do not take anything neither the payments made up to that point.
You need to go on the platform at and you make a payment corresponding to your availability and desires. In return you will receive the rewards, available for this project there are vintage plaques resin models of motorcycles, motorcycle cufflinks, t-shirts, and more …

Why do it?
Because it is a project of which you can be proud to be part.


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